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Burberry and Ledgestone BBQ Teams Take Away Top Prizes

The 11th Annual Sterling Ridge BBQ Challenge & Kids Festival,held on October 7 at Cranebrook Park, was another huge success. Smiles could be seen on Sterling Ridge residents as they walked to each of the  BBQ  team contestants tasting  the different types of BBQ meats and beans that were put out for competition.This year there were 5 teams competing for the coveted trophy as well as neighborhood bragging rights. The kids were kept busy with face painting, pony rides and bounce houses. Everyone was able to enjoy a snow cone or some cotton candy while enjoying the nice weather. Thank you to our local police officers who were on hand to meet the residents of the village.

This year’s Platinum Platter Sponsor was State Farm Patrick Graham and our Grillin’ Gold Sponsor was REMAX Ivan Arjona. Please make sure to check out their businesses in our community of Sterling Ridge- it is always good to support local businesses. 

We would like to thank all of the teams that participated!  We hope that you had fun! This year the judges had some especially tough decisions and the winners were-

  Team Burberry – “Best Beans” and “Best Pork” 

  Team Ledgestone -“Best Brisket” and “Best Ribs

        Congratulation to this years winners!!                                 



Help Conserve Water and Earn Money for Sterling Ridge Schools

The Woodlands sponsors a “Water-Wise Village Challenge” each winter offering each village  the opportunity to receive a cash donation in return for their residents turning off their automated sprinkler systems.  Here’s how it works: Households that pledge to turn off their yard irrigation system for the winter, or to stop watering their turf grass during the cool months, earn at least one point for their village.  Villages accumulate those points throughout the pledge period, and the three villages with the most points receive donations for their scholarship funds from the Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. 

So how can you help Sterling Ridge to be one of the top three villages?  Start now by signing the pledge to help conserve water.  All pledges received by October 31, 2017 will earn triple points but villages will continue to earn points after that date. Turn off your sprinkler system from the end of October until mid April. By stopping regular watering during these colder months it allows your grass to go dormant.  The grass will turn brown on the top but the root system will actually grow deeper and stronger, resulting in a healthier lawn in the spring.

To complete the pledge on line go to Water Wise Challenge Pledge


Residents Reminded to Lock Your Vehicles

Representatives from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department report monthly at the Sterling Ridge Village Association Board meetings.  They share information on crime in the area and answer questions or concerns.  These meetings are open to all residents of Sterling Ridge and the general public.  In February, Deputy Jason Hopper reviewed a report of the Burglary of Motor Vehicles in 2016 for the Montgomery County area.  This is when items are stolen from a motor vehicle. There were 434 incidents for the entire area and within Sterling Ridge there were 82 BMV’s of which 50% were unlocked vehicles!

Things you can do to minimize your risk  include-

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Remove property from inside the vehicle 
  • When possible park vehicles in garage


Sterling Ridge Village Association Donates $6K to Local Elementary Schools


 SRVA school grant picture 2017The Sterling Ridge Village Association welcomed administrative and PTO representatives from the three local elementary schools located within Sterling Ridge to its February board meeting. Each group presented on the progress of various school projects previously funded by the village association as well as any additional projects for which they were seeking funding. After the presentations, the board discussed at what level they wanted to support the school’s projects. It was reviewed that in 2016 the board donated a total of $5,500 and the budget for 2017 was set at $4,500. With adequate funds in hand, thanks in part to community sponsors of the association’s annual fall BBQ, the board voted to donate equal amounts of money to each school. Coulson Tough Elementary School, Deretchin Elementary School and Smith Elementary School were each presented with checks for $2,000 by the board.

“A core mission of the Sterling Ridge Village Association is to support our community schools and we are very excited to be able to once again support their wonderful projects,” said Sterling Ridge Village Association President Anthony Fasone.

Here are the highlights from the presentation of each school and how each of them will utilize the funds received at the meeting:

  • Coulson Tough Elementary —They appreciated the funding from last year that helped the garden at the school and said the Garden Club continues to grow. This year they requested that we focus on arts in their school. They would like to do a mural with their students and local artist Vickie McMillan. They have a large international student body and they asked the students to submit artwork for the mural.  The mural will cover two wall panels at the school and reflect the student drawings. McMillan will be at school for three days with kids helping to create and paint the mural. The mural will reflect the school with hand prints and leaf pressings from the students. Trees will also be included that are native to The Woodlands area.  The total cost of the mural will be $6,450. They applied for a grant to the Texas arts commission and were awarded $1,935. That leaves $4,515 needed to complete the project.
  • Deretchin Elementary– They appreciated the support from last year, which provided for the Wacom art tablets. They discussed needs for Deretchin for 2017 and explained how studies have shown improved mental acuity and energy for students who can learn in a standing position vs. traditional desks. They requested support for obtaining some stand-up Teacher/Student Desks. The desks will cost about $200-$500 each and they would like to buy as many as possible. For 5th and 6th grade and for teachers, the desks  are larger and a little more expensive, around $500-$600.  Deretchin has about 1200 students from K-6th grades and they believe these desks will be beneficial through all grades. This is the first year that Deretchin has implemented the stand-up desks and they requested any assistance possible to help get these desks at their school.
  • Smith Elementary —Smith is a Title I school with 804 students in 38 classrooms. Next year the new 5th and 6th grade campus will be built, so Smith will be just a K-4th. In the past the school has used funds from the Sterling Ridge Village Association to build shade structures and to provide SMART boards.  This year Smith is trying to put Tech-Tubs in each classroom.  A Tech-Tub holds 6 Google Chrome Books and it is a locking box with storage for the Chrome Books inside where they rest in the tub and are charged. Teachers can then use the computers as needed with their students. 15 classrooms do not have them yet, so they are requesting $2,000 toward purchase of the Chrome Books Tech-Tubs.




Slow Down for School Children

School has officially started in The Woodlands so that means we have more traffic on the roads and children on the foot and bike paths as well as the streets.  PLEASE, slow down and adhere to posted speed limits in the school zones. Drive carefully and watch for kids getting on and off the school buses or waiting at the bus stops. The first few weeks of school everyone is getting back into a routine and there is more traffic, so plan accordingly.  Nothing is worth having an accident and potentially hurting a child. We want all of our residents and students attending school in Sterling Ridge to be safe!

Free Home Vacation Protection

If travel plans are in your future be sure to secure your residence by using the Vacation Watch Program.  This program allows Patrol Officers to check the security of a residence while the homeowner is out of town.  Simply contact the Sheriff’s office or sign up for vacation watch at the link provided below.  While you are out of town the Patrol Officers will come to your home and check for any sign of break in or mischief.  The frequency of home checks is dependent upon call volume in the area.  This service is free and is offered year round.

Here are some additional security tips when leaving home for several days-

  • Cancel your paper and mail deliveries or have a trusted neighbor pick them up.
  • Leave a key with a neighbor or friend.  Ask that the house be checked periodically.
  • Install a timer on lights so that the house appears to be occupied.
  • Ensure that the lawn is maintained in your absence.
  • Store all valuables out of sight.
  • Leave a car in the driveway or allow a neighbor to park there.  Be sure to empty all valuables from the car and keep it locked.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office – Call (936) 442-7797 or complete the online Vacation Watch Request

Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4 – Call (281) 376-3472 or complete the online Vacation Watch Request