Free Home Vacation Protection

If travel plans are in your future be sure to secure your residence by using the Vacation Watch Program.  This program allows Patrol Officers to check the security of a residence while the homeowner is out of town.  Simply contact the Sheriff’s office or sign up for vacation watch at the link provided below.  While you are out of town the Patrol Officers will come to your home and check for any sign of break in or mischief.  The frequency of home checks is dependent upon call volume in the area.  This service is free and is offered year round.

Here are some additional security tips when leaving home for several days-

  • Cancel your paper and mail deliveries or have a trusted neighbor pick them up.
  • Leave a key with a neighbor or friend.  Ask that the house be checked periodically.
  • Install a timer on lights so that the house appears to be occupied.
  • Ensure that the lawn is maintained in your absence.
  • Store all valuables out of sight.
  • Leave a car in the driveway or allow a neighbor to park there.  Be sure to empty all valuables from the car and keep it locked.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office – Call (936) 442-7797 or complete the online Vacation Watch Request

Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4 – Call (281) 376-3472 or complete the online Vacation Watch Request

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